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Solar Spirals is a new, turn-key design and installation service aimed 
at supporting electrification in off-grid settings, particularly in developing countries. It is clear from recent travels that the 1.3 BILLION people plus, who have no access to electricity would use it if they had it.
In many of these locations the economics of the build-out for traditional power lines and grid
infra-structure don't make sense, and never will. Note to self: the sun rises and sets in these locations... EVERY DAY! Solar Spirals was established to offer rural electrification solutions to these locations and people
where nature and new technology can be applied to empower individuals, villages and communities.

How to get started

Contact us via email or by phone. Tell us about:

  • Your Project
  • Your Location
  • Your Production Goals & Needs for electricity
  • Your Budget or Funding 
  • Your Timeline for completion

​Your Design and system size will be driven by all of these factors