Where nature & energy converge

Local & Global -  Solar Consulting 

for your home, business, village, community


Flexible designs 

When capturing the sun and harnessing this energy, design flexibility is key 

The sun is a priority

We evaluate your site and energy use to optimize the sun's energy for your needs

Solar spirals in... nature

Spirals in nature found everywhere reflect an optimum use of capturing the sun

principles that drive project design and partnering with solar spirals

Cost sensitive

Solar Spirals offers options for financing and efficiencies for competitive pricing

Long term Value 

Solar Spirals will insure your goals and objectives are realized for the long term

core commitment

Solar Spirals is committed to your sustainable use of renewables

relax...it is all monitored

All use and production data is captured

community and home

Solar Spirals partners with you and your energy community, off-grid or grid-tie